Sales Process Improvement

“They’re pretty general but can they fight (sell)?”

Staff Evaluation – Before training begins, Selling Dynamics, L.L.C. evaluates your sales team’s abilities and growth potential. Find out not only who “can” sell, but who “will” sell and who will take your company where you want it to go. Also, learn how to find, attract and hire the best candidates.

Targeting Your Market – Selling Dynamics, L.L.C. helps you target your market and match your products and services to a custom targeted prospect profile.

Marketing & Sales Plan -Develop a marketing and strategic plan to help guide you to success. You’ll increase productivity and beat the competition by building a proactive strategy that maps future expansion helping you and your staff stay focused and boost confidence.

High Performance Sales Management – A proven system to permanently change how you manage the way your sales people sell. You’ll learn proven methods to teach your sales people how to open new accounts, establish results oriented goals and grow current customer business in a “no excuse” high performance environment.

Sale Consulting & Training – Focusing on the results of the evaluations and Process Audit, Selling Dynamics, L.L.C. instructs your staff in a sales strategy that will differentiate them from their competition. Let us help you heighten their effectiveness and fine tune your selling process.

Ongoing Training & Coaching – The key to a successful sales training program is follow up and follow through. We will assist your sales and sales management staff in applying the lessons that they have learned in the training program and hold them accountable. Includes: on-site, teletraining and web-based training.

Tracking, Evaluating and Measuring Progress – Raise expectations…raise results in an executable, easy to manage format. Consistently inspecting and reviewing results is the key to constant improvement.

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