Phoning to Get Appointments

Rejection and the fear associated with rejection hold back many salespeople from mastering the skill needed for obtaining appointments. That fear coupled with an incomplete skill set and techniques is a prescription for failure. And the failure manifests itself as call reluctance.

When asking your salespeople about making appointments…

Do they tell you that they can’t get through gatekeepers?
Do your salespeople tell you they can’t get through voicemail?
Do your salespeople tell you prospects are too busy to talk?
Do your salespeople sound like telemarketers?
If one of your salespeople called you… would you listen? Would you see them? Would you even consider fixing a problem or buying from them?
Do your salespeople wing it? Do they hope that they can, “Dance around any objection” and use their great verbal skills to convince someone?
Do your salespeople focus on solving the problem vs. selling the appointment?
Are your salespeople paralyzed by fear of rejection?
Are they happy when they get voicemail so they do not have to face their fears and deal with the prospects that may reject them?
When on the phone with prospects, do they bail out and send literature or do they fight for the appointment?
If you recognize two or more of these problems, then you have a problem phoning to get appointments. Now that you have identified the problem, the next step is to identify the solution to address this problem.

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