New Business. It’s either coming from your existing customer base or from new customers. Keeping the “funnel” filled with qualified prospects requires multiple prospecting methods used in a planned and measurable method.

When you ask your salespeople about prospecting…
Do they give you the deer in the headlights stare?
Do they tell you they are too busy to prospect?
Do they tell you that the company is not supplying enough leads?
Do they tell you they do not have to prospect because business is so good?
Do they tell you cold calling doesn’t work in my territory?
Do they tell you that they cannot get through voice mail?
Do they tell you that the prospects are happy with their current supplier?
Do they tell you that there is vendor consolidation going on?
Do they tell you that prospecting is for rookies, not for veterans?
Do they tell you it just takes time?…Don’t worry!
Do they tell you there’s got to be a better way than cold calling?
Is call reluctance the red light that stops them from generating new business?
If cold calls don’t work… then why are your competitors getting new accounts?

If you recognize two or more of these problems, then you have a problem prospecting. Now that you have identified the problem, the next step is to identify the solution to address this problem.

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