With time being the most important asset of your salespeople, their ability to qualify is critical to the success of your company. Your company can’t afford to invest its resources in prospects that are not moving forward and will not buy.

When you ask your salespeople if the prospect is “qualified”…

Do they tell you that, “It looked good, there’s a strong likelihood, we’re real close, a definite maybe”, and don’t know what to do next?
Do your salespeople spend too much time with the wrong people and not enough time with the right people?
Do your salespeople call on people that like them rather than people that will buy from them?
Are your salespeople more comfortable calling on people they know versus new prospects?
Can your salespeople ask tough questions that move the sale along?
Are your salespeople calling on people that can make a decision?
Do your salespeople make presentations before determining needs?
Do your salespeople say, “I’ve got a lot in the hopper right now” yet nothing closes?
Is the pipeline dry…but they are busy making calls?
Is everybody an “8”, “9” or “10”…but few turn into real business?
Are your salespeople calling too low in the organization, on people that can only say “no” but not “yes”?
Are your salespeople dealing with the intellectually curious vs. the financially capable and serious?
Are your salespeople good at sending literature, samples and have little to show as a result?
If you recognize two or more of these problems, then you have a problem qualifying. Now that you have identified the problem, the next step is to identify the solution to address this problem.

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