Recruiting and Retention of Salespeople

Recruiting, Screening, Selecting and Retaining Outstanding Salespeople has been identified as the #1 management issue facing companies in 2004. Many hiring managers desperate to fill a vacancy, allow themselves to be “sold” by the interviewee. They hire them because they “like” him or her rather than objectively screen and interview candidates that fit the position profile for getting the job done right….by the right person.

When you or your boss asks you about recruiting good salespeople:
Do you know where to find good salespeople?
Do you select outstanding salespeople who generate business… not excuses?
Do you know prior to hiring if the candidate has crucial elements necessary for sales success in your company and market?
Do you have a performance based hiring model for your business?
Can you spot the sales winner in the first 20 minutes of the first interview?
Do your existing salespeople have what it takes to grow your company?
Do you know why some people you’ve hired can sell, while others won’t or can’t sell?
Do you know what hidden strengths and weaknesses each candidate has before you hire?
Can you accurately predict “ramp-up” time? How long before they make money?
How long do I keep them before I know it’s over?
Are you fully confident in your sales hires or is it a “numbers game”?
If you recognize two or more of these problems, then you have a problem recruiting and retaining salespeople. Now that you have identified the problem, the next step is to identify the solution to address this problem.

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