Time & Territory Management

Time Management is an oxymoron, you can’t manage time, you can only manage what you spend your time on. Many salespeople spend too much time on poorly qualified prospects and low priorities. This also manifests itself in their territory call plan where they call on accounts that know them and like them because they are comfortable rather than call on accounts with greater opportunities. Typical closing ratios of 10-20% of proposals written clearly document this problem.

When discussing priorities, time management and sense of urgency of your salespeople…

Do they differentiate between selling from non-selling activities?
Can your salespeople prioritize and execute selling activities vs. non selling activities.
Do your salespeople identify and classify existing accounts and prospects by sales potential?
Do your outside salespeople travel the territory in the most time efficient manner?
Do your salespeople establish call priorities and frequencies for their accounts?
Do your salespeople use a time management or activity tracking system?
Do your salespeople have a plan for annual account reviews along with agendas in order to grow existing accounts?
Do your salespeople “hit the road” at the smallest expression of interest, criss-crossing and back tracking their territory?
Are your salepeople always too busy working on things that prevent them from making sales calls?
If you recognize two or more of these problems, then you have a problem with time and territory management. Now that you have identified the problem, the next step is to identify the solution to address this problem.

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